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The Dearborn Police Department announced today that Sergeant James Isaacs has received a National Computer Forensics Award for the second consecutive year. Sgt. Isaacs is the only law enforcement professional in the Michigan to receive the honor, issued annually by the United States Secret Service and the National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI). Isaacs currently serves in the Technical Investigations Unit.
This is the second consecutive year a member of the Dearborn Police Department has received the NCFI award. In 2022, Dearborn’s Technical Investigations Unit examined over 700 pieces of evidence and more than 120 terabytes of digital evidence. In addition, there were more than 17 agencies in southeast Michigan that benefitted from the unit’s work in digital forensics.
Chief Issa Shahin stated, "This is a significant achievement for both Sgt. Isaacs and the Dearborn Police Department. Our Technical Investigations Unit’s expertise in forensic exams has a major impact on keeping communities safe. They utilize top notch training and equipment, and a fully functional Digital Forensic Evidence Lab to support this important work. I couldn’t be prouder of this team’s service to Dearborn.”
Digital forensic exams are used in all types of investigations, including violent crimes, crimes against people, and financial crimes.

The NCFI is operated by a partnership between the U.S. Secret Service and state and local partners. It is a federally funded training center dedicated to training, educating, and equipping state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges with skills and information on cyber and electronic crimes and related threats.
In determining the award, the NCFI weighs each investigator's productivity in three disciplines:

  • Media
  • Etech
  • Hard drives

These are evaluated for a “productivity rating” for the final ranking of each examiner who participates in the voluntary program.

Sgt. Isaacs stated, "It's an honor to be able to serve the Dearborn community and surrounding cities with the knowledge and tools obtained by way of this specialized training in digital forensics, provided through our partnership with the Secret Service and the National Computer Forensics Institute. It has given me the opportunity to lead a team that has been instrumental in multiple investigations and without it, we would not be successful.”

The NCFI opened in 2008 and provides the nation’s premier law enforcement training on conducting cyber and electronic crime and related threat investigations; computer and mobile device forensic examinations; and network intrusion incidents. In addition, the NCFI provides its students with the necessary computer equipment, hardware, software, manuals, and tools free of charge.