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The Dearborn Fire Department is the recipient of the American Heart Association’s “Mission:Lifeline” Gold Emergency Medical Services Award. This award recognizes the Fire Department’s extensive training and response to medical emergencies, and specifically EMS workers who provide timely treatment for heart attack patients. 

“This designation is a nod to the dedication and commitment of our EMS workers who are out in the field providing great care, working to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients with local health care providers,” said Fire Chief Joseph Murray.

The Fire Department has been a recipient of this designation from the American Heart Association for six years, many were presented consecutively. During COVID-19, Chief Murray and the Fire Department halted non-emergent activities to help lead the county in providing vaccines. From February 2020 through the end of 2021, the Fire Department and local partners and volunteers provided rapid COVID 19 testing for all first responders and city government officials and served over 65,000 of people across Wayne County by providing COVID 19 vaccine administration.

This award acknowledges the Fire Department’s commitment to quality improvement measures for the treatment of patients who suffer severe heart attacks known as ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). This type of attack is caused by blockage of blood flow to the heart and requires timely treatment to save lives.

The award is also a recognition of exceeding standards for personnel education in STEMI protocols and best practices in the field and working with local health care entities to notify waiting health care clinicians and to complete the continuum of care

About Mission: Lifeline

The American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline program helps hospitals and emergency medical procedures develop systems of care that follow proven standards and procedures for acute coronary syndrome patients. The program works by mobilizing teams across the continuum of care to implement American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology clinical treatment guidelines. For more information, visit www.heart.org