The Dearborn City Beautiful Commission is honoring 17 homes across the city as part of the 2023 Residential Standard of Excellence Awards program. 

For more than 40 years, the annual initiative has celebrated 17  Dearborn household from each of the city’s districts for  their  exceptional curb appeal and property maintenance.

Copy of 22196 Nona overview

22196 Nona

The following 2023 award recipients were selected by a slate of independent volunteer judges convened by the City Beautiful Commission: 

District 1: Sam Abdallah, 7610 Payne Ave. 

District 2: Sam Osman, 7024 Ternes St.

District 3: 7740 Ternes St. 

District 4: 5648 Oakman

District 5: Anis and Taghrid Doghman, 4857 Westland St. 

District 6: 3316 Marie St. 

District 7: Abdul and Hiam Bouzeid, 15732 Middlebury Dr.  

District 8: Jim and Cris Sunstrum, 1838 McMillan St.  

District 9: 22196 Nona St.

District 10: 3336 Byrd St. 

District 11: Brent and Sandra Burnham, 530 N. Silvery Lane 

District 12: 406 Berkley St. 

District 13: Danielle and Randy Wittorp, 435 N. York St.  

District 14: 24322 Ross St. 

District 15: 374 River Lane

District 16: 2135 Cornell St. 

District 17: 3422 Polk St. 

Each honoree received a lawn flag announcing their selection in this year’s Residential Standard of Excellence Awards program. The Commission also provided a special window decal to 600 Dearborn homeowners in recognition of their curb appeal, which will receive a special decal by mid-August.

Mayor Abdullah H. Hammoud stated, “I am proud to join the Commission in celebrating the creativity and beauty found in every Dearborn neighborhood. The 17 honorees being recognized in this year’s program are not only inspiring because of the care they show their homes and gardens, but also because of the commitment that many have shown to doing so  sustainably.” 

For 65 years, the City Beautiful Commission has promoted excellent property maintenance through their seasonal Residential Standard of Excellence Awards, business facade and landscape recognition, and organization of Clean Up Parades with Dearborn schools. Since the start of his tenure in office, Hammoud has worked with the Commission to promote education about tree planting, preservation, and the benefits of rain gardens and other sustainable practices.

See all photos at this link:

530 N Silvery Lane overview

530 N. Silvery Lane

1838 McMillan overview

1838 McMillan St.

2135 Cornell overview

2135 Cornell St.

3316 Marie overview

3316 Marie St.

3336 Byrd overview

3336 Byrd

3422 Polk overview

3422 Polk St.