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Wayne County closed sections of Miller Rd and Rotunda Dr on Monday, Aug. 14 to begin construction to replace the Miller Road Rotunda Bridge.

Police Chief Shahin provides an overview of the project, explains how the Police Department will be deploying additional resources to residents in the area during this time, along with alternate routes which are listed below. A map of the area is also available on this page.

The County has designated the following roads as detours around the construction through June 2026:
- Eagle Ave will connect traffic from Miller Rd. to Wyoming St.
- Schaefer Rd will serve as a detour for traffic from Rotunda Dr.
- Mellon Rd and Dix Rd will serve as detours south of the Rouge River
- Michigan Ave in east Dearborn will serve as a detour north of the Miller construction site.

Wayne County has estimated the construction project to begin Dec. 2023. The County and MDOT will hold a public meeting about the construction in the near future.

See map below.