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The City of Dearborn today announced efforts to convert public land in West Village Commons Plaza along Michigan Ave into a new public park under the Park Equity and Access for Citizen Engagement (PEACE) Project. PEACE Park 1.5 will establish additional greenspace, shaded walkways, outdoor seating, and offer more outdoor gathering spaces between several local restaurants and businesses in downtown West Dearborn.

All restaurants and businesses in downtown West Dearborn remain open during construction, which is slated to be completed by Nov. 2023. The City has placed signage along roadways and sidewalks near the West Village Commons Plaza to indicate that businesses in the area are still operating.

Dearborn Mayor Abdullah H. Hammoud stated, “In PEACE Park 1.5, we saw the opportunity to transform an underutilized gray parking lot into a welcoming space that invites people to gather, to patronize nearby restaurants and businesses, and enhances the beauty of our city at the same time, at no added expense to taxpayers. The future of downtown West Dearborn is one that’s greener, more connected, and walkable.”

PEACE Park 1.5 will be the first state-of-the-art pocket park to open under the City’s PEACE Parks initiative, which includes the construction of three additional parks funded by over $32 million in competitive and formula grants awards.

In August 2023, the City broke ground at the site of the downtown West Dearborn PEACE Park along West Village Dr. Under the PEACE Parks initiative, two additional parks are planned for east and south Dearborn. Design and construction of all Dearborn PEACE parks is led by the project contractor, Imagine Design & Build.

Updates on the project will be provided at CityofDearborn.org and on the City’s social media platforms @DearbornGov.