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The Dearborn City Beautiful Commission has selected 51 top honorees from Dearborn’s 17 neighborhood districts as part of the 2023 Dearborn Aglow: Winter Awards Program. A panel of volunteer judges from the City Beautiful Commission selected honorees based on their outstanding home exterior decorations and/or outdoor light displays.

Elizabeth Podges, co-chair of the Dearborn Aglow Committee and a judge, thanked the commissioners and expressed gratitude for all the residents for their creativity during the holiday season.

Podges stated, “On behalf of the Commission, I want to thank everyone for contributing to the holiday spirit in Dearborn with their lovely and upbeat home decorations. Selecting honorees for the Dearborn Aglow awards is no easy task, especially when we see the care and creativity residents put into their outdoor displays. We feel privileged to continue this joyful 60-plus year tradition in our community.”

The addresses and names (if provided) for each of this year’s honorees are as follows:

District One
7323 Orchard: Sadie Jones
7810 Chase
7820 Kendal

District Two
6010 Payne: Fouad Faraj
6927 Orchard
6247 Coleman

District Three
7274 Littlefield: Randa Darwiche
7361 Oakman Boulevard
7626 Hartwell

District Four
6440 Appoline: Arthur Gutowski
6437 Bingham: Iman Hammoud
6825 Calhoun: Ayda Ahmad and Mohamad Hassan

District 5
15234 Payne Court
4501 Westland: Mitchell Osman
5414 Hartwell

District 6
14610 Prospect: Georges and Claudia Matta
4310 Maple
4331 Lois

District 7
4 Adams Lane: Suzanne Urbanski
8 Adams Lane: Richard Sims and Robert Villa
19 Brookline: The Nikolajevs family

District 8
300 Hampshire Court
1604 DaCosta
22200 Lawrence: Bernadette Lenik

District 9
21717 Tenny: Chris and Falon Barretto
22447 Nona
22621 Beech

District 10
3300 Woodside: Jason Worley
3258 Woodside
3522 Linden

District 11
1821 Silvery Lane
1301 Highview: Ken and Maria Phillips
451 Highview

District 12
1030 Claremont
1031 Mohawk
1021 Mohawk

District 13
23167 Cromwell
930 N. Highland
23101 Myrtle

District 14
24612 Hickory
24592 Woodcroft
24726 Ross

District 15
22882 Law Avenue
22530 Cherry Hill: Kathy and Jack Harrison
23321 Marshall: Nabih and Sarah Saad

District 16
3455 Grindley Park
2230 Queen Street
3421 Grindley Park

District 17
3236 Campbell
3344 Katherine
3812 Alice

All of the homes selected as honorees received an ornament and window decal. In addition to the top three honorees in each designated district, another 115 homes will receive honorable mentions.

The Dearborn City Beautiful Commission promotes programs to enhance the physical appeal of the community. It presents outdoor decorating awards programs in spring, fall and winter in neighborhoods, and the Standard of Excellence programs for residents and businesses in the summer. It also encourages recycling and anti-littering campaigns, as well as environmental sustainability activities with Dearborn students in the spring.

All 2023 Dearborn Aglow and Standard of Excellence honorees will be recognized by Mayor Abdullah H. Hammoud at a special ceremony in early 2024.

See the houses on our social media pages @DearbornGov and on City of Dearborn Television (CDTV).