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The City of Dearborn and Mayor Abdullah H. Hammoud successfully delivered on their promise to invest in rodent population control and tracking with the recent launch of a citywide subterranean rat prevention program, making the city the second municipality in Michigan to implement above and below-ground pest mitigation services.

The program, which was started in coordination with the City’s Vector Control Division and Orkin, a nationally recognized pest control company, seeks to bait manholes in 460 locations across Dearborn to reduce rodent populations underground.

Mayor Hammoud stated, “Historically, Dearborn has faced challenges when mitigating rat infestations across the city during the colder months when rodents head underground to escape the weather. This new, multifaceted above and below-ground solution allows us to manage rat populations more safely and efficiently year-round.”

Subterranean baiting is conducted by trained and certified pest management professionals in sanitary sewer lines. Rodent bait is placed well above the waterline and is monitored monthly. Fresh water lines are not treated. When used according to label directions, baiting does not pose a risk to the environment, non-target wildlife, pets, or people.

In addition to facilitating subterranean baiting, Orkin will provide the City with a heatmap identifying areas of infestation, data analysis, City-owned parcel inspections, and more.

Mayor Hammoud added, “Orkin has a proven track record of facilitating successful programs like ours in other cities across the country. The data will speak for itself. Our goal is not only to see a reduction in rat infestations and complaints but also to gain access to data that will prove valuable as we manage this issue moving forward. The continuing use of this valuable data means further returns on our investment in this initiative, as envisioned when our balanced budget was finalized last summer.”

This long-term, citywide initiative was passed and implemented with strong support from the Dearborn City Council.

The City of Dearborn’s Vector Control Division will also continue to facilitate property inspections for residents who report signs of rat infestations. The City now utilizes Burrow RX, a state-of-the-art, environmentally-conscious, carbon monoxide sprayer used underground in rat burrows to eliminate infestation. Upon confirming the presence of rats, trained City specialists now deploy Burrow RX which, unlike other pest control solutions, does not threaten the health of people, pets, and wildlife living near an infestation.

For more information or to request a property inspection, residents and business owners may contact the City of Dearborn at 313-943-2150.