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Beginning Monday, Mar. 11, 2024, the City of Dearborn will resume street sweeping, tree trimming, and other curb-to-curb services on neighborhood trash collection days as part of the City’s Public Service Days program. The City will resume yard waste collection the following week on Mar. 18. 

Public Service Days make trash, recycling, and yard waste collection more efficient for City and contract workers and allow for other services to be managed more efficiently, including road repairs and sewer and catch basin maintenance.

Residents and visitors will be required to remove parked vehicles from residential streets impacted by scheduled weekly trash collection and public service days through Oct. 31. Yard waste will be collected through Dec. 20. 

Remove parked vehicles from the street from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every trash day to avoid a parking ticket.

Public Service Day and yard waste collection coincide with each neighborhood’s regularly scheduled trash collection day. Parked vehicles must be removed from all affected neighborhood streets between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on regularly scheduled trash days. Dearborn Police will ticket vehicles in violation.

Parked cars must stay off the street as other services may go on until 4 p.m. even if trash is picked up before then. 

Public Service Day parking restrictions are not enforced during the week following a city holiday when trash, recycling, and yard waste collection are delayed. See the Dearborn City Calendar for delayed service dates and information.

For questions about parking issues related to service days or to request a parking exemption due to a hardship, call 313-943-2150. Parking hardship applications are available at the front desk of the Dearborn Police Station, 16099 Michigan Ave.