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Dearborn community members can now pick up free basic health amenities at no cost at a newly debuted hygienic locker located at the Esper Branch of the Dearborn Public Library, 12929 West Warren Ave. 

Jesse Blume, Esper Branch Librarian, stated, “The implementation of the hygiene locker is a testament to the spirit of compassion and support in our community. We hope that this program, like others at libraries across the state, offers access to those in our community who may face difficulties obtaining these items in their everyday lives.” 

The locker will offer free toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss picks, bandages, soap, hand sanitizer, lotion, lip balm, tissues, menstrual supplies, and other items. Most amenities were purchased with funds from Friends of the Library Dearborn (FOLD). 

The locker and its contents will be available to all visitors during regular hours at the library while supplies last. Community members are encouraged to take only what they need from the locker to ensure others who may need items also have the chance to benefit. Library staff also strongly encourage using the products only as intended, and to check the labels to avoid any potential health risks or adverse reactions.

Betty Adams, Director of the Dearborn Public Library, stated, “The Dearborn Public Library is here to inform and support members of our community. We are thrilled to be able to offer essential health resources through the new hygiene locker program at the Esper Branch with support from FOLD. We hope this program will bring welcomed relief to our neighbors who need it.”

In coordination with the Dearborn Department of Public Health, the locker will be adorned with QR codes linking visitors to websites for local clinics, charitable organizations, and nonprofit organizations in the area that assist with housing, transportation, and mental health resources. 

Ali Abazeed, Chief Public Health Officer and Director of the Department of Public Health, added, "Access to hygiene is a right, not a privilege. Through this initiative, we're tackling health inequities head-on, ensuring everyone in Dearborn has what they need to live with dignity. Big thanks to our community and the Dearborn Public Library for turning this vision into reality. Every soap bar, every toothbrush we provide, is a step towards health equity and dignity for all in Dearborn — proving that together, we can make a profound difference.”

In 2022, the Dearborn Public Health Department launched the City’s first initiative to supply free menstrual products at all Dearborn high schools. Through that initiative, over 5,000 pads were provided to the Dearborn Public Schools for distribution across three high schools.  

Dearborn residents currently receive free COVID-19 tests through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), and free KN95 masks through the Wayne County Public Health Department, both available for patrons at all library branches. The Dearborn Public Library also provides accurate information and up-to-date health resources through its physical and digital collections.     

Those interested in donating materials for the hygiene locker or supporting the Public Library in other ways are encouraged to visit DearbornLibrary.org or contact the Esper Branch at 313-943-4096.

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