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Dearborn Mayor Abdullah H. Hammoud, City Council President Michael T. Sareini, and Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit (FAMD) announced today that they have finalized a landmark new agreement to expand animal control and shelter services in Dearborn. The new terms ensure that the City of Dearborn, in partnership with FAMD, will be one of the most animal-friendly cities in the country.  

Both the City of Dearborn and FAMD, which provides animal control services for the City and maintains Dearborn’s animal shelter, are supportive of the new four-year contract, which was reached on Friday, June 28, 2024. The new agreement prioritizes and invests in the sterilization of strayed and surrendered animals, a crucial practice for ensuring the health and welfare of animals and communities alike.

Mayor Abdullah H. Hammoud, acknowledged the benefit of the new deal to the City, stating, “This agreement is a win for all of Dearborn, and establishes a robust model for other communities to follow. The safe sheltering and care that FAMD provides to the animals of our community is crucial. I am proud that our new agreement allows us to grow our partnership together and ensure that all animals in our care are placed in happy, healthy, and safe homes.”

Cory Keller, President and CEO of FAMD, emphasized the group’s support, adding, “Friends for Animals is relieved to have reached a fair agreement with the City of Dearborn to not only continue to provide animal control services for the community, and ensure stray animals find their way to a safe place, but we are also excited to move forward and strengthen our relationship as partners to build an even better community for animals and animal-advocates in Dearborn and beyond.” 

The proposed changes to FAMD’s contract with the City will be scheduled for a vote at the next Dearborn City Council meeting on July 23, 2024. 

Dearborn City Council President Michael T. Sareini joined in celebrating the agreement, stating, “As responsible stewards of our taxpayer dollars, I am delighted that the City and its Council have struck a sensible, updated deal for the shelter so that staff and volunteers can continue their vital service sheltering and providing all necessary medical services to unhoused animals in our community. This agreement also contains mechanisms to strengthen our relationship with FAMD, improve collaboration and communication, and bolster its fundraising activities.”

Under the new agreement, which is set to be in place through the end of Fiscal Year 2028 (July 1, 2027 - June 30, 2028), the City and FAMD commit to improving collaboration between both groups on animal welfare issues and awareness in the community, among other terms, including waiving fundraising permit fees for the organization for events held on City property. The City will also explore a separate agreement to allow FAMD to issue dog licenses on behalf of the City of Dearborn.  


Published June 28, 2024