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CampDearbornTrailBicyclists, hikers, and joggers now can easily connect with the broader Oakland County Regional Trail System with the opening of the universally accessible Camp Dearborn Non-Motorized Trail in Milford on Aug. 27.

Kayakers and people who fish should also be happy because the non-motorized trail includes a combination fishing/observation platform and a canoe/kayak launch that provides handicap-accessible access to the Huron River.

The Camp Dearborn trail begins at the Main Public Beach parking lot with striping that leads to the road going to the Huron River.

It crosses the Huron River via a 70-foot by 80-foot steel truss bridge.

It connects to the Oakland County Regional Trail via the Milford Trail, which connects to Kensington Metropark, the Proud Lake State Recreation Area, the Chief Pontiac Hiking Trail, the Highland State Recreation Area and downtown Milford.

Once the trail reaches Martindale Road, it will eventually tie into about 50 miles of trails.

Dearborn was awarded a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) grant of $268,900, with a matching amount of $115,200 from the city, to construct the trail.