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ProactiveCooler weather can lead to an increased risk of rodent infestation as critters seek shelter from dropping temperatures.

An effective rodent control program includes the elimination of conditions conducive to rodent infestation.

Here are some tips to safeguard your property:

  • Keep your yard clean. Store trash properly, in trash carts with lids closed.
  • Remove and dispose of animal feces daily.
  • Eliminate all food sources on your property, including pet food and bird seed. It is a violation of City ordinance to ground feed animals.
  • Pick up and remove daily any fruit from trees, bushes or vines that fall to the ground, and remove vegetables from gardens as soon as they ripen.
  • Seal cracks, holes or breaks in foundations, and repair holes around pipes, screen doors, windows, vents and other openings into the home.
  • Keep grass cut below six inches high, remove weeds and keep low-hanging branches and bushes trimmed off the ground.
  • Do not use commercially available rodenticides. Such poisons are to be handled by professionals only.

Residents seeking the city’s assistance may contact Vector Control at 313-943-2099.