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Dearborn residents who are buying or selling a home, preparing to complete home improvement or construction projects, or managing a rental property are required to complete certain steps before closing on a property or breaking ground on something new.

The City of Dearborn Economic Development Department works with residents to help them meet state and local requirements for home sales; purchases; and renovations, additions, demolitions, new constructions, and more.

State law requires residents who are making changes to their homes or properties to apply for and be approved for certain residential permits with the City of Dearborn. The Economic Development Department must also inspect old and new constructions.

Residents who are preparing to sell or buy a home must also prepare for specialized inspections with the Economic Development Department.

The following videos outline these steps and how to get started.

Permit Video-English

Permit Video-Arabic

Home Sale Inspections-English

Home Sale Inspections-Arabic

Rental Property Inspections-English

Rental Property Inspections-Arabic

To apply for a permit, visit the following link: Apply for Permits (City of Dearborn).