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Officer in Charge: Lieutenant Jack Lengyel

Dispatch Center

The Dearborn United Dispatch Center answers calls for five other communities within Wayne County (Westland, Wayne, Garden City, Inkster and Melvindale), providing routine and emergency communication services for over 313,000 citizens. The consolidation serves the national objective of interoperability while improving the coordination of response across jurisdictions when needed. Consolidation also shortened the response times for fire and EMS while reducing the cost of service for taxpayers.

Dispatchers at the state-of-the-art facility receive, screen and prioritize calls for service and initiate appropriate responses and services. The Dispatch Center is equipped with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) which allows users to create, update, track, and manage all public safety calls for service. It allows dispatchers to plot calls for service on a map and recommend the correct units to send on the call.DUDPatch

Dispatch is also responsible for the following: Neighborhood Watch and TIP Line; monthly siren testing and maintenance of the Outdoor Early Warning Siren System; building alarms; Knox lock boxes; TTY (electronic communication for the hearing impaired); the incident notification paging system; LEIN including queries, entries, cancellations, administrative and Mutual Aid messaging; emergency call boxes; and the Dearborn Fire Department House Watch Program.

Dearborn Special Needs 911 Registry

Neighborhood Watch and TIP Line

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