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The responsibilities of Liquor Control/Enforcement are to conduct investigations for new licensees, oversee the administration of temporary liquor licenses for events, investigate complaints about businesses that sell alcohol, and to make sure that licensed establishments operate in compliance with the Michigan Liquor Control
Commission laws and administrative rules.

The Dearborn Police Liquor Control Enforcement handles all complaints related to the operation of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission’s licensed businesses in the City of Dearborn. Dearborn Police Liquor Control / Enforcement also conducts random checks of licensed businesses for compliance with the liquor control code.

How to Obtain a Special Liquor License
Organizations wishing to sell alcoholic beverages at a fundraiser or other function must obtain a Special License to do so.

A Special License is issued only to non-profit religious, fraternal, civic, or patriotic organizations. Organizations must submit proof of their non-profit status to the Liquor Control Commission, and may be issued a one-day Special License for the event. No organizations, including its auxiliaries, may receive more than five Special Licenses during one calendar year.

Liquor Control/Enforcement