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Use the Dearborn Police Department Incident Reporting System to submit a report online immediately for non-emergency crimes, such as minor traffic accidents, lost property or crime tips.
This system should only be used if the incident fits the following circumstances:
• Do NOT use this system if this is an emergency. If you have an emergency please call 911 immediately.
• The incident must have occurred within the City of Dearborn limits.
• There are no known suspects involved (excluding gas theft drive-off or defrauding an innkeeper incidents).
• There is no evidence that could lead to identification of a suspect (prints, video surveillance, tools, etc.).
• Incidents of lost or stolen forms of ID (e.g. driver’s license, social security card, passport) or financial transaction devices (e.g. ATM, credit/debit cards) MUST be made in person and cannot be made online.

Click here to report a non-emergency crime