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Supervisor: Sergeant James Isaacs

The mission of the Technical Investigation Unit is to provide expert assistance to investigators in criminal cases that involve phones, computers, or video surveillance. The current prevalence of these technologies results in their presence during the commission of the majority of crimes that occur in the City of Dearborn. These crimes include, but are not limited to: murder, sexual assault, robbery, telecommunications fraud, child exploitation, cyber stalking/harassment, the possession and distribution of child pornography over the Internet, computer tampering, criminal hacking, and all other incidents in which technology was used to accomplish or facilitate the commission of a crime. The results of technical examinations were utilized in hundreds of cases, which resulted in the discovery of evidence that was critical in the prosecution of the criminals that perpetrated these crimes.

Members of the Technical Investigation Unit are specially trained and Nationally Certified in Cell Phone Forensic Analysis, Forensic Video Analysis, Computer Forensic Analysis and Vehicle Forensic Analysis. This year, they have extracted and analyzed approximately 3 TB (Terabytes) worth of digital evidence, which would be equivalent to nearly 225 million pieces of paper. The Technical Investigation Unit assists our detectives as well as investigators and prosecutors from our neighboring agencies at the local, state and federal levels.