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The Polygraph Unit uses state-of-the art instruments and algorithmic software developed by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. The polygraph examiner graduated from the Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice Polygraph School in Millersville, MD. All exams are administered in-house, enabling immediate investigator access to critical exams. This capability affords the Investigative Division an immediate and efficient means of pursuing and or evaluating investigations. The unit has been responsible for obtaining countless admissions and has thus streamlined investigative burdens. Conversely, the unit has cleared many suspects, allowing detectives to focus their energies more efficiently toward solving the crimes.

In FY2020, the Polygraph Unit scheduled 108 polygraph examinations, with 45 forensic polygraph examinations actually administered. The Polygraph Unit is a valuable investigative source for surrounding agencies both locally and federally, conducting forensic polygraph exams for the Dearborn Police Investigative Unit and 25 other agencies.

Forensic Polygraph Unit