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Officer in Charge: Lieutenant Brian Kapanowski


The Detective Bureau is the investigative arm of the police department. All preliminary complaint reports believed to be criminal in nature are referred to the Detective Bureau for review and evaluation. Once reviewed, each case requiring further police attention or investigation is assigned to a specific investigator depending upon the nature of the crime. In FY2020, the Detective Bureau investigated a total of 2,323 cases.

Investigators complete a variety of different tasks for cases, such as interviewing witnesses, interrogating suspects, and compiling necessary supplemental investigatory reports that are needed to document the investigation. Finally, a case may require submission of search and arrest warrant requests, and preparation for the case in court. If needed, the Detective Bureau also provides investigative/intelligence support to other law enforcement agencies. The responsibility for each case assignment ends only upon a final determination by the courts, or when a reasonable solution to the case has been attained.

Detective Bureau