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Officer in Charge: Sergeant Michael Gracer

The Special Events Coordinator (SEC), is directly responsible for coordinating and overseeing all special events for the police department. The SEC meets with different groups and entities who wish to conduct events in the City of Dearborn, many of which require city approval and the use of city services.

The SEC determines the appropriate level of police participation required to ensure that issues such as crowd control, traffic safety, and traffic enforcement, are adequately addressed, and creates the invoices that the City uses for the collection of money owed.Parade
In the Fiscal Year 2020, the City of Dearborn continued to host a large number of special events including the Dearborn Homecoming, the Memorial Day Parade, the Greenfield Village Fireworks, the Martian Marathon, Ashura Marches, Zuman Run, Makers Faire, Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walkathon, Caribbean Festival, Ford Motor Co. Wagner Events, Greenfield Village Halloween Weekend and Holiday Nights, National Skating Championship at The Disc, Episcopal Church Event, Access Coronavirus Task Force test site detail, and CVS Coronavirus Task Force test site detail.

This fiscal year, the police department coordinated 268 special events. To provide adequate safety and traffic control at these events, the police department deployed the equivalent of 800 Officers, 220 Reserves, 400 Police Explorers, 125 Ordinance Officers, 105 paid Interns, and others, including civilian police department employees, and the Community Emergency Response Team members.

The SEC has established a security advisory board to address continuing problems at the retail establishments. It has continued an Extra Patrol Detail for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at The Fairlane Town Center which reimburses the police department for all hours spent addressing its concerns. It has also added a weekend detail at The Henry Ford which is also fully reimbursed. Lastly, the SEC has established a Faith Based Board which meets quarterly where we provide basic security updates and training for these organizations.

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