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Evidence Technicians

Officer in Charge: Sergeant Joseph Yamin

These specialized officers are all assigned to the Patrol Division and they perform these technical duties in addition to their day-to-day patrol responsibilities. Currently, there are 16 certified Evidence Technicians proportionately assigned to both platoons of the Patrol Division. The specialized training in photography, evidence collection, latent fingerprint collection and crime scene processing, make these technicians valuable and readily available resources to assist in the investigative process.

Evidence Technicians are uniformed police officers, which allows for their immediate use at crime scenes. The importance of immediate crime scene processing cannot be over emphasized in both the investigative and prosecution phases of law enforcement.

Forensic Polygraph Unit

The Polygraph Unit uses state-of-the art instruments and algorithmic software developed by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. The polygraph examiner graduated from the Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice Polygraph School in Millersville, MD. All exams are administered in-house, enabling immediate investigator access to critical exams. This capability affords the Investigative Division an immediate and efficient means of pursuing and or evaluating investigations. The unit has been responsible for obtaining countless admissions and has thus streamlined investigative burdens. Conversely, the unit has cleared many suspects, allowing detectives to focus their energies more efficiently toward solving the crimes.

In FY2020, the Polygraph Unit scheduled 108 polygraph examinations, with 45 forensic polygraph examinations actually administered. The Polygraph Unit is a valuable investigative source for surrounding agencies both locally and federally, conducting forensic polygraph exams for the Dearborn Police Investigative Unit and 25 other agencies.

Forensic Polygraph Unit

Property and Evidence Room Operations

Supervisor: Sergeant Joseph Yamin

The Property Room is staffed by one full-time and two part-time civilian employees and handles all of the property and evidence that is brought into the Dearborn Police Department, including narcotic evidence. In FY2020, the Property Room logged 5,629 pieces of evidence. Many of the items are processed for auction or turned over to other city departments for use. All of the unclaimed money is processed and turned over to the City’s Finance Department, which then forwards all unclaimed funds to the State of Michigan.

The Property Room also handles the destruction of firearms seized in violation of the firearms laws of Michigan, or weapons surrendered voluntarily by owners. The Property Room also orders, stocks, and issues all of the department’s office supplies.

School Resource Officer (SRO)

Supervisor: Sergeant Jason SkoczylasSRO

The SRO program, implemented in September of 2002, was designed to make the best use of available resources and to reach as many students as possible in all grades, K-12. The School Resource Officer unit comprises seven police corporals who are assigned to Fordson High School , Dearborn High School and Edsel Ford High School on a full-time basis. Officers are also responsible for the middle and elementary schools in their particular district.

The main focus of the School Resource Officer Program is based on a community policing philosophy of joint problem solving, instead of making arrests or writing citations. Officers spend the majority of their time in schools, and work in conjunction with parents, and other social agencies to solve problems and make appropriate referrals. Officers also attend sporting events, school events, field trips, Clean-Up parades, the Memorial Day Parade, Career Days, Safety Town, Law Day, Public School Athletic League District Basketball Tournaments, as well as several other events each year. SROs give several presentations each year and provide fingerprinting services at various special events.

Beginning in March 2020, the Youth Bureau and School Resource Officer Program deviated from their routine duties in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They assisted schools with the transition to online learning, provided security to buildings and grounds, and distributed meals to students. They also supplemented the Patrol Division by providing high visibility patrol to neighborhoods, hospitals, senior citizen complexes and COVID-19 testing sites.

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