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Motor Carrier

The Motor Carrier Enforcement Unit officers are assigned to monitor commercial vehicles, and to ensure public safety and compliance with motor carrier regulations. Motor Carrier Officers patrol for violations of commercial vehicle size, weight, equipment, cargo securement, moving violations, and driver qualification provisions.

In FY2020, the Motor Carrier Unit inspected 109 vendor vehicles, taxicabs, and commercial motor vehicles operating within the city. Motor Carrier Officers have also taken on a greater role with assisting Patrol Officers with daily runs and traffic stops. The Motor Carrier Unit completed 96 DOT (Department of Transportation) commercial vehicle safety inspections. Nine of these inspections were hazardous material vehicles.


Motor Carrier Officers are also certified as Special Agents of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and attend annual in-service training with the Michigan State Police for topics related to hazardous materials and commercial motor vehicles. In addition, officers placed 33 vehicles out-of-service for operating with unsafe and deteriorating equipment, impounded a total of 15 vehicles, and arrested a total of 16 drivers for violations and/or warrants.

Seasonal Weight Restrictions “Frost Laws”

Get a Vehicle Inspected
The Motor Carrier Unit takes appointments for vendor inspections during business hours, Monday through Friday. A $20 fee covers the original inspection only. Appointments MUST be made by contacting the Motor Carrier Unit.

Motor Carrier Unit

In the News:
Dearborn Police partners with MSP to ensure traffic is safe

Auto Pound Coordinator Unit

The Auto Pound Coordinator/Auto Theft Recovery Officer is responsible for assigning abandoned vehicle complaints and processing impounded, abandoned and recovered stolen vehicles. During FY 2020, the Auto Pound Coordinator processed over 1,500 vehicles.

The Auto Pound Coordinator Unit routinely tags and removes junked, nuisance and abandoned vehicles from city streets, alleys, and parking lots. This work is done closely with the City to keep Dearborn clear of these neglected vehicles.

This unit is also responsible for processing all impounded vehicles by department officers and administers public auctions of impounded and seized vehicles.

To report an abandoned vehicle, call the Auto-Pound Coordinator. Be prepared to give a detailed description of the vehicle (make, model, color, license plate, how long unmoved), as well as the location.

Auto Impound Coordinator

Animal Control

Animal Control Officers are specially trained and tasked with enforcing state law, city ordinances relating to animals, and animal-related business licensing regulations, as well as enforcing animal control regulations to ensure a high level of public safety and peace. Specific areas of responsibility and activities include:

• Investigating all reports of animal cruelty and neglect.
• Investigating animal bite cases.
• Responding to animal complaints such as barking dogs, nuisance cats, etc.
• Patrolling city streets and neighborhoods for stray or deceased animals.
• Advising and assisting residents with nuisance animal concerns.

Animal Control

In 2021, Animal Control Officers responded to and addressed over 2,000 calls for service. The following were included in their activities:
• Investigated over 100 animal cruelty/neglect complaints.
• Handled over 30 animal bite investigations.
• Impounded over 200 stray dogs, nearly 400 cats, and over 200 other animals.
• In partnership with the Friends For Animals of Metro Detroit, reunited nearly 200 pets with their rightful owners and secured rescue or rehabilitation for nearly 200 animals.

In addition, Animal Control Officers also addressed over 500 other nuisance or deceased animal concerns.

Within the Ordinance Enforcement Division, Animal Control remains one of the highest requested services from residents.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I captured a dog that was running loose. Who do I call?
A: You can contact the Police Department at (313) 943-2001 and an officer will respond to transport the dog to the animal shelter.

Q: Are dogs required to be licensed in the city?
A: Yes. Dogs over the age of six months must be up-to-date on rabies vaccinations and licensed with the city. Dog licenses are $10 per dog and expire in February of each year. Contact the City Clerk's Office at (313) 943-2015 for more information on dog licenses.

Q: Where are stray animals taken once in the custody of the Police Department / Animal Control?
A: All impounded animals are taken to the Dearborn Animal Shelter intake facility. Call (313) 943-2697 to speak with animal shelter staff.

Q: How should I report an animal bite?
A: Animal bites should be immediately reported to the Police Department at (313) 943-2001.

Q: Are people allowed to let their cats run loose in the city?
A: Yes. However, owners must ensure that their cats are not creating a nuisance. Pet owners can be held responsible for their “outdoor cats” if a nuisance is created.

Q: I received a ticket from Animal Control. What should I do?
A: Citations issued by Animal Control Officers are processed through the 19th District Court. Read the citation carefully and contact the court if you have any questions.

Q: I have an issue with rats. Does Animal Control handle that?
A: No. Please contact Vector Control at (313) 943-2150.

Q: I am concerned about the welfare of my neighbor’s dog. Can someone check on it?
A: Yes, and all reports can be anonymous. Please contact Animal Control to report any signs of abuse or neglect of any animal.

Q: If I have a wild animal on my property, who should I call?
A: In accordance with state law, healthy wildlife should not be considered a nuisance simply because they exist. If you encounter an ill or injured animal, contact Animal Control at (313) 943-2079 for assistance. Only in extenuating circumstances will Animal Control Officers respond to wildlife complaints. You must hire a professional wildlife service. There is a list of certified contractors on the State of Michigan website at: https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/managing-resources/wildlife/nuisance-animal-control-directory 

Dearborn Animal Control
Dearborn Police Department
16099 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48126
313-943-2079 (General Office)
313-943-2201 (After Hours/Animal Emergencies)

Ordinance Division

The Ordinance Enforcement Division is composed of Enforcement Units active with enforcement of state laws and city ordinances pertaining to their related duties.Ordinance

These Units include Parking Enforcement, Animal Control, Auto-Pound/Abandoned Vehicles, Motor Carrier and Ordinance/Business Licensing Liaison. Duties include public service days, special assignments, administrative details, special events, snow emergencies, motor carrier enforcement, business licensing and more.