Request a Rezoning, Obtain Zoning Information

  • Request a Rezoning, Obtain Zoning Information

City Plan staff oversee all zoning for the City of Dearborn, including the Zoning Ordinance and requests for rezoning.

The Zoning Ordinance provides for zoning districts and regulations for development of property in the community. All proposed zoning changes are subject to a public hearing process involving citizens, allowing them the opportunity to become acquainted with the requested change and to offer their opinions and positions.

The City's Zoning Map is available for download. City Plan staff can assist in reviewing the zoning map and indicating whether a particular lot is buildable and what the permitted uses are in a particular zoning district. A hard copy of the Zoning Map can be purchased at the City Clerk's Office inside of the Dearborn Administrative Center.

The City Clerk will provide written certification of zoning when required.

The City Plan Division can also assist with requests for zoning changes, which are submitted to the City Council, who then refers the request to the Planning Commission for a public hearing and recommendation.

Zoning Laws

Michigan Zoning Enabling Act: Act 110 of 2006

Dearborn's Zoning Ordinance


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